Equality at Workplace

On 8 September, at 15:00, the seminar on the topic of “Equality in Employment” will be held in the conference room of the Democratic Engagement Centre. The following topics will be discussed during the seminar: pre-contractual...

Meeting with the Representatives of the Personal Data Protection Inspector

On 2 August, at 15:00, the lawyers of the organization “Article 42 of the Constitution” met with the representatives of the Office of the Personal Data Protection Inspector. During the meeting, the lawyers have presented to the...

The Labor Inspection as an Effective Mechanism for the Prevention and Elimination of Gender Discrimination in Labor Relations

Equality of men and women at workplace is universally recognized around the world and constitutes a significant value of the protection of human rights. The introduction and implementation of the above principle is one of the most important...

The Public Defender of Georgia issues a recommendation based on Article 42 of the Constitution's application

In the framework of the USAID funded project “Promoting Gender Equality in Employment” the organization “Article 42 of the Constitution” applied to the Public Defender of Georgia (PDO). The Public Defender has recommended...

Is it Necessary to Regulate Sexual Harassment at Workplace in Georgia?

In Georgia, according to the data of 2014, 95,8% of the interviewed employees note that they have not experienced sexual harassment at workplace. According to the Law of Georgia on Gender Equality any unwanted verbal, non-verbal or physical...

The State’s Double Standard in Related to the Employed Women

The double standard is the combination of the principles that have stricter and disadvantaged attitude towards one group of individuals in comparison with the other groups. The problem of double standard still exists in Georgia in terms of...

Meeting with the Vice-Speaker of the Parliament Manana Kobakhidze

On 1 February, in the Parliament of Georgia, the executive director of Article 42 of the Constitution, the manager of the project “Promoting Gender Equality in Employment” and the coordinator of the advocacy team met the first deputy...

Discrimination at Workplace and Equal Employment Opportunities

On 27 November, at 14:30 the Conference on the topic of “Discrimination at workplace and Equal Employment Opportunities” was held in the conference room of the Tbilisi Rooms Hotel. The representatives of the Ministry of Labor, Health...

Georgia takes 82th Place out of 145 Countries in Terms of Gender Equality

On 19 November, the World Economic Forum has published the report on the Global Gender Inequality of 2015. The similar report was first published in 2006 and since then acquired the annual character. This year’s report summarizes the way...

Article 42 of the Constitution is positively assessing proposed amendments in the Law of Georgia on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination

Article 42 of the Constitution is responding to the planned law amending process in the “Georgian Organic Law on Ombudsman” and “Law of Georgia on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination”. The organization is...

Unequal pay for equal work in Georgia

According to international Labor Organization: “In most of the regions and most of the employment places women are paid less than men for work of equal value. Women's wages, on average is equal to 70-90 percent of the wages of men. “...

Sexual Harassment in Employment in Georgia

Sexual harassment is one of the most widely spread form of sex discrimination, which may cause damage to the victim's physical and psychological health. Due to numerous factors, the victims are often avoiding to file the application when such...