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According to international Labor Organization: “In most of the regions and most of the employment places women are paid less than men for work of equal value. Women's wages, on average is equal to 70-90 percent of the wages of men. “ In 2014 According to the European Commission, the EU member states pay women less than men, on average 16.4% . In Georgia has significant imbalance in this term.


The first international document that was created by the ILO to ensure gender equality and eliminate discrimination in employment was Convention # 100. Georgia has joined to the Convention in which the countries took responsibility to ensure equal pay for work of equal value for men and women. However, the present Labor Code of Georgia and any other related legislation does not set the principle of equal pay for equal work for men and women.


According to National Statistics Office of Georgia GEOSTAT), the average salary of employees was 864.4 GEL in the second quarter in 2014. average salary for the same period, for the employed man's is 1051.4 GEL, while for the woman this number equals to 640.2 GEL. This means that men earn an average 411.2 GEL more than women do. Wage gap is 39% in Georgia.


According to the survey conducted by the Centerr for Social Sciences 'Gender Discrimination in the Georgian Labor Market', men comparing to the women are in a privileged position not only by wage, but also by other benefits. The research revealed the fact that men are getting twice more bonuses than women are. Particularly, 66% of interviewed men have received bonuses, in cases of women this number is 34%.


The research found out that there is big gap in receiving bonuses the wage: men 60%, in case of women the number is 40%. It is worth mentioning that men are most likely to get health insurance as well, 67% of men and only 33 % women are receiving health insurance provided by employer.


Above-mentioned data gives us reasonable basis to resume, that there is no balanced and fair working environment in Georgian employment places. That once more raises the importance of the issue to ensure regulations of equal pay for work of equal value for men and women on the level of Georgia labor legislation.